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AC MoWe have an extensive range of Motors for various industrial usages. A brief list of our product is as appended below:

  • tors
  • DC Motors
  • Universal Motors
  • Traction Motors
  • Torque Motors
  • Brushless DC Motor
  • Stepping Motor
  • Synchronous Motor
  • Asynchronous
  • Induction Motors
  • Servo Motors
  • Slip Ring Motor
  • Coreless DC Motors
  • Stepper Motors
  • Linear Motors
  • Electronically Commutated Motors
  • Electrostatic Motors
  • Squirrel Cage Rotors
  • Wound Rotor
  • Pneumatic Motors
  • Gear and Vane Motors
  • Axial Plunger Motors
  • Radial Plunger Motors


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